About Me

Born in Poland in 1995, grew up in Luxembourg from the age of 12, and then moved in 2014 - this time to the UK, where I studied Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial College London. I've been working at Apple's Hardware Technologies division since September 2018.

Previously I've also been an intern at Imagination Technologies' MIPS HW division (twice), doing a bit of everything in processor design and testing. I went to college primarily to learn about computer architecture, and I am putting it to good use.

In my free time, when I'm not playing with computers that is, I enjoy photography, I love cars, and I have been intp aviation for a very long time. I also study languages, I speak fluent Polish and English, a good level of French, basic German and Luxembourgish. I've been learning Japanese for 3 years now, which I enjoy a lot, and will carry on learning in future.

People sometimes tell me I seem to interested in everything, which probably is the best way to describe me.

Contact Details

Piotr Pomienski
St. Albans, United Kingdom


Imperial College London

MEng in Electronic and Information Engineering (4 years) October 2014 - Present

EIE is a joint degree between Electronic Engineering and Computing. It is a mix between software and hardware related subjects.

Modules included, among others:

  • Computer Architecture (ARM and MIPS ISAs and assembly)
  • Language Processors (Flex, Bison, Regex and lots of theory)
  • Software Engneering I and II (C/C++ with OOP)
  • High Level Programming (F#, monad theory)
  • Embedded Systems (ARM mbed)
  • Robotics (project incl. Rasbperry Pi)
  • Databases and Advanced Databases (PostgreSQL, Datalog)
  • Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Concurrency (modelling, Java multithreading)

European School of Luxembourg I

Secondary Education - European Baccalaureate 2007 - 2014

Overall score - 90%.
European schools are an incredibly multi-national environment, with students from all around Europe studying in different language sections. The subjects I chose for my final exams were:

  • Mathematics (extended)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Polish
  • English
  • French



GPU Design Verification Engineer October 2018 - Present

My team is tasked with verification of GPUs (and the various building blocks that make them up), mostly through simulations and UVM. These then get integrated into SoCs that are put into many of our products.

Imagination Technologies

Industrial Placement - Hardware Design Engineer April - September 2017

This time around, I started off with more formal verification - but this time model based. Later I was running X-Prop simulations, followed by designing bits of RTL to do with power control.

Imagination Technologies

Summer Placement - Hardware Design Engineer July - September 2016

This placement mostly revolved around formal verification. I was tasked with writing a Python script which would act as a wrapper for the verification flow. Afterwards I was using my own flow to verify various modules using assertion based formal verification.


Programming Languages
  • Verilog/System Verilog
  • C/C++
  • Python
Familiar with:
  • ARM and MIPS assembly
  • Perl
  • F#
  • Java
  • Proficient in use of Unix based OSes
  • Synopsys tools - VCS, Formality, Spyglass (briefly)
  • Cadence tools - Xcelium, IEV, Jasper Gold

Get In Touch.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email at p.pomien[at]gmail.com or message me on social media.